Introducing Ally Chat Pricing Plans

We are excited to present our Ally Chat pricing plans, designed to cater to individual users, small businesses, and families alike, including a Free Plan to get you started. To help you decide on the right plan for you, we offer a free 1-month trial with no credit card required for the Individual and Business / Family plans.

Explore Ally Chat’s incredible features, including superior user interface with access to GPT-4 and ChatGPT 3.5 in the paid plans, valued at over $20/month, as well as numerous other cutting-edge features. Plus, access our “pro” user-interface designed for corporate use, coming soon at no extra cost.

For individuals or businesses that require enhanced privacy or on-site installations, Ally Chat Pro can be embedded in your own website, with pricing available on application. This allows for meeting specific privacy requirements while still enjoying the benefits of our AI chat solutions.

As a member of Ally Chat, all updates, products, services, and features will be available to you without additional charges. Ally Chat also offers highly discounted consulting services for members. Please note that business plans and lifetime members must pay for the GPT-4 costs if they exceed the subscription costs.

Pricing Table

Plan Type Monthly Yearly Lifetime Included Features
Free $0 - - Ally Chat UI, all models except GPT-4
Individual $10 $100 $250 Ally Chat UI, all models including GPT-4
Pro / Family (10 users) $50 $500 $1,250 Ally Chat UI, Allemande Pro UI, all models including GPT-4

Prefer a one-time payment? Enjoy lifetime access to Ally Chat with a 25-month equivalent base price - $250 for individuals and $1,250 for pro / family (10 users) accounts. This includes ongoing access to all of our services, including Open AI’s models, for as long as both companies exist.

Flexible Refunds and Money-Back Guarantee: If you use Ally Chat minimally during any calendar month, we offer a refund for that month’s access fee. We also provide a six-month money-back guarantee for both subscriptions and lifetime purchases. Try Ally Chat for six months, and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your payment.

Transparent Usage: Our plans allow for any reasonable use of our AI models, including GPT-4 for paid plans. We also provide transparent retries, ensuring your messages reach their destination even when an upstream service is overwhelmed.

Additional Perks: If you contribute to our company or projects, at our discretion we may offer you a period of free access as a gesture of our gratitude. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.